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Updated March 14th, 2023

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VERSION 29 (2023)

IATA Users Do Not install until January 1, 2023

Will require a new code if upgrading from version 28.
Codes are only available Monday - Friday from 9am-4pm Eastern time.
Haz-Shipper v29 (Full)  49-CFR / International Air / IMDG (Full Install / Upgrade)   80 MB 
What's New with Haz-Shipper© V29     142 KB 
Preview Haz-Shipper© Features    1.03 MB 
Haz-Shipper Manual    5.16 MB 

* Demo versions - Call Dangerous Goods Council to setup a Demo.

System Requirements for StandAlone/Network License: Windows 7 SP1+, Windows 8+, Windows 10, Windows 11, 512MB Ram/500MB hard disk, Adobe Reader, Internet Access

A Registration Code will only be given out once the following information has been receieved:

  1. Full Install / Upgrade to MUST BE COMPLETED
  2. Company name & address
  3. Contact name
  4. Screen shot of the Registration Form Page within Haz-Shipper.

Email ONLY addresses ending in hazshipper.com. Any other address will not reach technical support.

Importation Information about the Registration Codes:

  1. Registration Code are only given Monday to Friday – 9am to 4pm EasternTime
  2. Codes are given in the order they are received. This may take up to 2 hours.
  3. If you call for a registration code, you will be told to email in the above information.
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