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DGC offers a variety of seminars throughout the United States and also provides customized training at customer locations. All of our courses train employees who work with or around hazardous materials to perform their jobs safely, minimizing the risk of fines, personal injuries, and cargo claims.

Each course combines lectures, visual aids, worksheets, and question-and-answer sessions in an easy-to-follow format. Participants receive a comprehensive workbook with up-to-date hazardous materials information, on-the-job checklists, and a full copy of the applicable regulations. (Students in the IMDGC class may either bring their own copy of the regulations to the course of purchase them for an additional fee.)

Upon passing a written test, students receive a certificate which meets the requirements of HM-126F. Choose from the following courses:

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49-CFR & 
Int. Air


1-Day Re-Certification

Int. Air 49-CFR IMO


Atlanta, GA

Nov 7-9

Nov 7-8

Nov 9

Nov 11 w*

Nov 14 w*

Harrisburg, PA

Dec 5-7

Dec 5-6

Dec 7

Dec 9 w*


Miami, FL

Jan 23-25

Jan 23-24

Jan 25

Jan 26 w*

Ft Worth, TX

Feb 7-9

Feb 7-8

Feb 9

Atlanta, GA

Mar 6-8

Mar 6-7

Mar 8

Mar 10w*

Newark, NJ

Apr 3-5

Apr 3-4

Apr 5

Apr 6w*

Madison, WI

Apr 10-12

Apr 10-11

Apr 12

Apr 13 w*

Baltimore, MD

May 8 -10

May 8-9

May 10

May 12w*

Raleigh, NC

May 15-17

May 15-16

May 17

Cleveland, OH

Jun 12-14 Jun 12-13

Jun 14

Jun 15w*

Houston, TX

Jul 10-12

Jul 10-11

Jul 12

Jul 13w*

St Louis, MO

Aug 7-9

Aug 7-8

Aug 9

Aug 10 w*

Newark, NJ

Sept 12-14 Sept 12-13

Sept 14

Sept 16w*

Myrtle Beach, SC Sept 25-27 Sept 25-26

Sept 27

Madison, WI

Oct 10-12

Oct 10-11

Oct 12


Oct 16-18

Oct 16-17

Oct 18

Oct 24 w*

Atlanta, GA

Nov 6-8

Nov 6-7

Nov 8

Nov 10 w*

Harrisburg, PA

Dec 4-6

Dec 4-5

Dec 6

Dec 8 w*

w - signifies a webinar

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